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Momotaro is a new ramen restaurant in Lincoln, NE with a fun and playful outlook on Japanese cuisine. The goal in creating their new brand was to feel whimsical and lively while focusing on offering an inviting ambiance in their restaurant. This project features a variety of assets including a printed menu design, social media assets and physical implementations of the brand throughout the restaurant. This identity was set up to be a well-rounded and extensive brand with many opportunities to expand on the brand in the future.

The Momotaro logo


I created thoughtful details to the interior of the restaurant such as coasters to be handed out with drinks and a mural of a collage with hand drawn icons. These details help create an environment that guests will love to be a part of, take photographs here, and Momotaro will be seen as a perfect destination spot for date nights or family outings.

A coaster design for the Momotaro restaurant A photo of a mural at the Momotaro restaurant.
The front and back of the Momotaro dinner menu
The first and second interior pages of the Momotaro dinner menu
The third and fourth interior pages of the Momotaro dinner menu


In my intial research for this project, I found that several other Japanese restaurants in the area had similar design styles from color palettes, patterns used and logo design. To set Momotaro apart, I created a new logo which was vastly different than others in the area, an extensive brand style guide for their new identity, and offered creative direction for the brand going forward.

Momotaro's brand style guide cover


Momotaro is passionate about introducing Japanese cuisine to new audiences and wanted to create a restaurant that would be intriguing for children who may be trying ramen for the first time. Choosing the color palette for the brand was an essential part of creating this playful atmosphere.

Color palette
Hand drawn icon set
An Instagram post for Momotaro